Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Frisco Jonze had initially been a tad bit gun shy about singing in public. That all changed when his family relocated to the United States in the early 90's, and said good bye to their African homeland. 
Frisco found solace through music, as singing became a natural form of expression and method for coping with the separation he felt from family and friends. Music was Frisco’s Canvas and paint, and his voice became his paint brush.
While living in New York, Frisco helped form the grunge rock band “Crossroads Kindred”. The band gained modest success with their single “Change of Season”, but decided to split up after one studio album. On a whim, Frisco moved to Buffalo and joined a local band by the name of “Chasing Taylor”. “Chasing Taylor” became a prominent Buffalo band, playing alongside the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs and Rusted Root.  
After 2 rigorous years of touring, Frisco decided to take a break from the band and focus on song writing. He traveled the world, spending time in the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, India and French Polynesia. Upon returning back to the United States, Frisco had a renewed focus on his music. He relocated to Boston and joined the WolfPack in May of 2010 . Frisco claims that Wolfpack is the best thing that has ever happened to his musical career. He raves about the fan base and loves the energy the crowd brings to each and every show. Frisco auditioned for Season 11 of American Idol, but decided to withdraw from the competition for personal reasons. Catch Frisco and the Wolfpack at a venue near you!

Email: Frisco@wolfpackrocks.com

"Hungry Like the Wolf"   Acoustic cover by  Wolfpack