Greek mythology speaks of a god by the name of Prometheus, who threw caution to the wind to bring fire to man. WolfPack’s Thunder Roxx acts under the same volition, unleashing thunderous riffs in the face of the rock gods with one intention in mind….Bring rock n’ roll to WolfPack Nation! 
Thunder’s humble music beginning started with an alternative rock venture so eloquently known as “Fat Finger”. The Finger parted ways after 3 years due to irreconcilable differences around the creative direction of the band, and a bad outbreak of norovirus.
Thunder continued to work on various projects. Spending half a decade in tribute bands highlighting artists such as Kiss, Pear Jam, and Journey. Critics have opined over Thunder’s ability to hypnotize a crowd with his larger than life thunderous riffs. “He can absolutely move a mountain when he is on stage” one critic commented. WolfPack Nation is honored to have Thunder bringing rock n’ roll music to it’s nation of fans nightly, just as Prometheus had brought fire to man years before him. 

Email: Thunder@wolfpackrocks.com